About Me

I have always been interested in the strange, but was restricted to mainstream science when I was still involved in research as a graduate student, and then as a postdoctoral fellow in biological psychology. I decided to leave the competitive and unforgiving world of science and joined the ranks of teachers as a professor of psychology at a two-year college.

Now free to devote my time to what really interests me, merging the strange and the field of psychology and neuroscience was a natural and easy choice to make.

My Mission

I seek answers to the questions that are not fully explored or accepted by mainstream science. This is due in part to stigma, personal bias, and peer influence within a particular scientific field.

My vision

What is considered supernatural today may be the science of tomorrow. Already we see many researchers making headway toward demonstrating that certain aspects of human experience that has been shunned in the past is actually worthy of study. I want to see a world in which a particular subject or personal experience is not ignored because it doesn't fit a particular model. I want to see a world that embraces all phenomena as legitimate candidates for explaining reality.