Discover the hidden mysteries of the mind and explore the psychology behind the strange

Strange Experiences

woman holding mirror
woman holding mirror
I am always seeking guests for the visual podcast on the following:

Near-death experiences (NDE), Out of Body experiences (OBE), Alien Abductions, Seeing Ghosts, Witnessing strange creatures, Witnessing another side of reality, Enlightenment, Connecting with people who have passed, Remote viewing.

And anything considered paranormal.

Near-Death Experiences

woman holding mirror
woman holding mirror

Are they real? Does consciousness survive death? Let's investigate in this series of videos. The evidence may surprise you.

Nature of Reality

woman holding mirror
woman holding mirror

What is real? What is "Reality". Can we trust what our brain tells us?

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About Me

Psychology of the Strange is about unraveling the mysteries of the human mind and sharing those findings with the world.

I cover the psychologically strange and unusual. I'm a professor of psychology trained as a biopsychologist, so I like to practice healthy skepticism, but with an open mind. This makes me neither a blind believer nor a debunker. Check out the About Section for more information.

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If you have any questions or inquiries, let us know.

If you have a strange story to tell, such as a near-death experience or witnessed other unusual events, and want to appear as a guest on the channel, please give a brief description of that event.